Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and Watershed Councils prohibits discrimination against its employees, partners and participants for services and employment, on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, and sexual orientation. Wasco County SWCD is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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Devastating impacts from the Coronavirus and economic shutdown brought uncertainty to all, including funds that are normally gathered through lottery dollars for the OWEB Small Grant program. OWEB has recently communicated that although the Small Grant program was put on hold for a few months, they are accepting new applications, and funding is secured through the end of the biennium.
If you have a restoration project in mind that enhances the watershed or provides benefits to fish and wildlife habitat call Abbie at 541-296-6178 x102. Or for more information click below to be directed to the grants page.
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OWEB Small Grant funding is now available
Continue to check back to this website for the latest news regarding council business and restoration project updates.
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Due to the uncertainty and concerns around COVID-19 all Watershed Council meetings have been canceled until further notice. Please take care of yourselves and your families.
2019 Pesticide Stewardship Partnership Sampling Results
Wasco County Area Watersheds
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August's Weed of the Month
The Wasco County SWCD has been a partner with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for the Pesticide Stewardship Partnership (PSP) since 2010. SWCD Staff collect water samples throughout the early Spring, Summer and twice in the Fall after wheat harvest. Samples are collected on Mill Creek, Three Mile Creek and Fifteenmile Creek. Over the past 10 monitoring years the Wasco Basin has seen reductions in pesticide detections and number of water quality exceedances. The 2019 season results show that the positive trend has continued.
Salem The Oregon State Weed Board (OSWB) awarded $4,086 to the Wasco County SWCD for the Yellow Flag Iris Treatment Project at their February 20-21, 2020 board meeting.
The award was one of 58 grants totaling $1,635,486 for the ODA Weed Grants ($1,416,509 for ODA Noxious Weed Grants, $218,977 for ODA County Noxious Weed Grants) recommended for approval in Cycle 33-2020 provided to local organizations statewide to support fish and wildlife habitat and water quality projects
Local Press Release
View the PSP 2019 Season Results Here
This month we wanted to shine light on Puncturevine (Tribulus terrestris). Puncturevine is widespread and a huge menace in Wasco County. If you've ever stepped on a "goathead" with your barefoot in the house, you know the pain this plant can inflict. Puncturevine is a summer annual germinating in the late spring and maturing in the Summer and early Fall. The plant grows horizontal to the ground with small yellow flowers. Seeds from puncturevine have several sharp spikes that can set viable on the ground for years. Puncturevine flourishes in well drain sandy soils but can be found in driveways, disturbed areas, barnyards, cropped fields and roadsides. Removing puncturevine before seed set will help prevent the spread of puncturevine in Wasco County. Several herbicides have labels that are approved to apply on puncturevine. Contact the County Weed Department for recommendations. To help stop the spread of puncturevine, always check footwear and tires before heading out. For more information about puncturevine and other noxious weeds contact the Soil and Water Conservation District for technical assistance.
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