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Grant Programs
SWCD District Cost Share
OWEB Small Grant
The SWCD District Cost Share program was developed to provide financial resources for local conservation and technical resources for implementation of conservation projects in Wasco County which benefit Wasco County residents, resources, and/or communities. This program assists with worthwhile projects that don't fit traditional funding sources including small projects in urban settings
Eligible projects are conservation projects and conservation education projects which meet one of the stated purposes for the program. Irrigation projects that upgrade to hand/wheel lines or more efficient systems and that improve water-use or energy-use by a minimum of 15% either separately or in combination.

Cost Share Rates are 50% cost share not to exceed $5,000, unless board exception granted. Cost limits per EQIP cost list. Labor rates for match not to exceed BOLI prevailing wage.
The Small Grant program is an easy-to-engage in, competative grant program that awards up to $15,000 for on-the ground restoration projects principally carried out on private lands across Oregon. This program responds to a need for local decision-making about watershed restoration opportunities on a shorter timeframe than is available under OWEB's regular grant program. This program enables landowners across the state to contribute to multiple strategic plans by committing "small acts of kindness" on their properties for the benefit of water quality, water quantity, and fish and wildlife.
Eligible projects are on-the-ground restoration projects that clearly demonstrate watershed benefit to aquatic species, wildlife of watershed health. Projects must be consistent with the Small Grant Team's priority watershed concerns. For a full list select the information sheets below.

Based on the total OWEB award; $0-$10,000 requires a 25% match, $10,001 - $15,000 requires a 50% match.
For more information click the DCS Info Sheet Below
To apply for funding use the Application link and fill out the application form. All applications are due to Abbie Forrest Program Manager by the last Friday of the month.
If you feel you have a project that would fit into OWEB's Small Grant program criteria contact Abbie Forrest at the SWCD. There you will be able to discuss the details your project, and apply for funding.
These grant programs have helped fund WASCOBS, Ford Eliminations, Cross Fencing, Livestock Watering Facilities, Irrigation Upgrades, Juniper Removal, Cover Crops, Integrated Pest Management, Precision Ag and many more
DCS Application
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Small Grant Admin. Rules
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