The FAST program was produced back in 2014 as a pilot program where landowners volunteer to leave their water instream instead of pumping, when stream temperatures are predicted to be over the threshold that is deadly to steelhead. There is an alert system which is sent out to irrigators warning them when a stream temperature alert is in place. If the irrigators choose to turn off their irrigation during the alert, the FAST program offers compensation for the sacrifice of their crop, to help protect the endangered species.

 There are 2 options for participants to choose from. Option 1 is full commitment. Landowners receive upfront payment (per acre) for committing to curtail ALL water use for the specified water right(s) during a temperature alert. Option 2 is no commitment. Landowners decide on their level of participation per temperature alert but make no upfront commitment to curtail water use.
FAST & Instream Leasing
FAST Fifteenmile Action to Stabilize Temperatures
Financial compensation is available to irrigators in the program who temporarily lease part or all of their water rights for instream use. There are two instream leasing options: Split Season and Full Season.

Split season leases allow irrigators to use some of their water right until July 1st of each year. Eligibility requires that an irrigator have a totalizing gage installed on their irrigation system. During the application process we will determine how much water will be leased instream beginning July 1 and how much water is available to use for irrigation before July 1.

Full season leases require irrigators to dry up ground during the term of the lease. However, irrigators are allowed to grow a crop that does not require irrigation. There are no eligibility requirements for full season leasing except a valid water right.

Please note that leasing your water right instream protects it from forfeiture.
Instream Leasing
the type of lease (split season vs. full Season);

the total volume/acreage of water rights leased;

the length of the lease term (up to five Years)

Presentations & Past Season Results
2020 FAST Plan
Compensation Rates
**The deadline for FAST contracting for the 2020 season has passed.
Balance irrigator needs with ecological demands.

Maintain vibrant agricultural communities.

Maintain fish friendly water temperatures to prevent fish kills

Conserve riparian ecosystems
Additional Info.
Irrigator compensation is based on three factors:
Wy'East RC&D On-Farm Monitoring Project
If you have any questions or would like to request more information on any of these two programs contact FAST and Flow Coordinator Abbie Forrest at 541-296-6178 x 102 or
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