Bull Thistle (Cirsium Vulgare)
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Bull Thistle is a class B listed weed and is widespread throughout Wasco County. It can be found from the Cascade Mountains, along the John Day River in Southeast Wasco County. It can be found in wheat country on the rangeland in Southern Wasco County and everywhere in between. The plant tends to like moist sites, riparian areas but can be found anywhere. if you think you have Bull Thistle on your property but aren't positive, contact the Wasco county Weed District or the Soil and Water Conservation District office today.
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Ventenata (Ventenata dubia )
Ventenata is List B weed rapidly spreading throughout counties in Eastern Oregon, including Wasco County. Infestations have been identified in rangeland in the southern portion of the county. Vantenata has very little forage value for livestock and wildlife. Ventenata is beginning to replace perennial grasses and forbs along roadsides and in hay, pasture, range and CRP fields in the western United States. In addition to having minimal forage value for livestock and wildlife, Ventenata is also undesirable because of its shallow root system which can cause the soil to be more prone to erosion. Over time, decline of productivity and land value occurs.